Your Freelancers Are Only As Good As You Want Them To Be

Your Freelancers Are Only As Good As You Want Them To Be

You have some profitable blogs that are rapidly picking up in popularity. Your views are in demand. Time is finite, and you can’t personally cope with all the writing. There’s no other viable option but to outsource the work. Freelancers? That is something you need to keep in tow and put in some serious reality checks to make sure that you don’t end up with a deluge of problems and complications that could ensue from having to outsource your work.


Be totally realistic and get a firm grip on the situation from the get-go. There is no assurance your freelancers will be able to deliver the goods with the quality, consistency, reliability and time frames that you are looking for. While you certainly do not want to be strapped to your favorite blogging chair as if awaiting death by electrocution, you also would not want to be imperiled by the vicissitudes of irresponsible freelancers who don’t give an honest damn about helping to maintain your reputation and integrity with your ardent blogging fans! To be brutally blunt and candid, dodgy freelances come in hordes and are easily more than the proverbial dime a dozen.


To begin with, you need to consider your economies of scale when hiring freelancers. You don’t want to outsource work that you can easily cope with yourself even if it means a little more time involvement on your part. Hire only what you consider necessary so you can maximize your revenues.

Then, most importantly, you are the Brand and the Persona for your online personal vehicle, be it a website or a blog. Are you able to find the right freelancers to maintain the consistency, tone-of-voice, impeccable quality, sensitivity and sensibilities that you have managed to instill in your blog that has now enamored itself to your ardent supporters?

In other words, are your freelancers made from the same mold of cognitive thought, quality, and creative excellence? Are they instinctively intuitive and driven the right way as you are? Remember always that your Brand Identity, Brand Presence, and Brand Culture are vicariously at stake when you leave the key tasks to questionable freelancers who do not have the requisite passion, skills and discipline to deliver nothing but the absolute best. Second to none.

Your Freelancers


Regardless of whether it’s a piece of creative writing, a logo, a visual layout or a video edit that you need, be uncompromising when it comes to sourcing the right freelancers with the right attitude and aptitude. Besides the required best skill-sets that are vital to the execution of the tasks at hand within the specified time frames. There is, after all, no substitute for quality.


It’s perfectly acceptable, in fact necessary, to keep your freelancers on a short leash while they have yet to prove themselves fully. Some may get off to a fabulous start, but as time goes on, the efficiency and the quality begin to deteriorate. Never ease up on them until they are totally consistent in every are of the work you assign them. A great freelancer with integrity and discipline will always enjoy the rigor of the challenges, and come back asking for more! These you must cherish and do right by as they are the invaluable gems as opposed to the counterfeit baubles that have a false glitter. All that glitters is not necessarily gold!


To make sure the freelancers you are intent on hiring are on the same page as you, it is well worth investing some invaluable time to acquaint yourself properly with them. You need to know how they are wired. Talent and proven skills by themselves are not sufficient to seal the deal. Engage with them to see if they are honorable and with integrity. The chopper needs to come down unhesitatingly should you detect even a slight vestige of anything that makes you uneasy about their demeanor and conduct. An honest person would have absolutely nothing to hide!

Finally, remember that the knife cuts both ways. If your freelancers are performing like the goose that lays the golden eggs, reciprocate accordingly to make them feel fully appreciated once they’ve proven they can, and do, deliver the best that you need consistently without any bumps and grinds!

Business Startup: Wholesale And Sale Dog Products Online

Business Startup: Wholesale And Sale Dog Products Online

Looking for ways on making money isn’t a very difficult task. It’s implementing your plan that is. One of the best ways to make your money without groaning from a stressful 9-5 job is to start your own business and be your boss. There are millions of ideas and products that can be sold to people around the world, all you need is the capital and motivation to start. So when it comes to finding business opportunities, the first thing you will have to think about is what the best things are available to sell and where can you get these products to obtain the most profit?

One of the best ideas to go for is to start with the necessities and popular items. An example would be pet products, dogs to be specific. Most households have at least one dog in the house to protect them from harm, or for good family fun. Airports and malls have them for sniffing items, homes for the disabled or elderly have them to keep them company and to be used as a guide, and with the millions of dogs around the world, you will surely take advantage of the pet product line. Not only that, but there is an abundance of products that you will be able to sell. Not only do you have your necessities like food and medicine, but you also have dog accessories such as bowls, leashes, toys, and so much more that any dog owner would be delighted to purchase! So there is the next thing to consider: How to wholesale cheap dog products in China?

Wholesale And Sale Dog Products Online 2

The next step to start on is finding a good and reliable supplier of dog products. You can find good suppliers around your local pet stores, or search for trustable online suppliers that can cater to all your needs. Such as, which is a famous wholesaler in industry. Not only will you can get the best deals when buying in bulk, but there is more variety when purchasing online. It’s also very easy and can be done in any place, any time, at a click of a button. All you need to do is take a quick search!

Once you find a good supplier and have already purchased what you need, the next step is selling and broadcasting your products to customers. Find a good location where dog lovers and owners frequent in, put up a website or open a store on ebay, call family and friends for support and to spread the word! With the right words and effective spreading of the word, you’ll have sales and loyal customers in no time.

Wholesale And Sale Dog Products Online 1

There is also such a thing as wholesaling, which is selling your pet products in bulk to other suppliers for a lower price than what you’d sell if it were bought individually. This can be an advantage to many businesses as they can sell their products in bulk while maintaining a good profit. Not only that, but you will be ensured that loyal suppliers and customers will always come back for more!

When selling wholesale pet products to retailers, you will have to do the math and set different prices, depending on how many products are bought. The price will obviously grow lower as the more one buys, but make sure that your profit is still there. Set rules and minimum orders when selling wholesale cheap dog products in China, so you will be able to sell a lot while still getting the profit for your business.

Also, remember to set up your expenses and purchase the necessities. Don’t purchase too much of something if you aren’t sure of its sellability, especially when it comes to perishables. The key here is to spend less and make more, so make sure you are spending and tracking your expenses wisely.

When wondering how to wholesale cheap dog products in China, it’s a very simple process if you set your mind to it. Ready an acceptable capital, find a great supplier, look for interested retailers, and watch as both your profit and business grows. Don’t wait until the idea dies out, make a business plan now before it’s too late.

Is your small business located on the wrong?

Is your small business located on the wrong?

Is your small business located on the wrong side of the road, far away from the main road or has a small or no parking lot at all? If this sounds familiar, then you will probably agree with me that you have been troubled by the prospects of low sales, low turnovers, and dwindling profit margins. The poor business location is a common problem that firms face. But all is not lost. With a solid understanding of the 5Ps of marketing that is, people, price, place, products and promotion, such business still has at their disposal four areas to leverage on. Also, there are creative ways of circumventing the problem of location that these firms can adopt.

To overcome a bad location, small businesses can adopt two major strategies, offline and online strategies. With the advent of the internet, the world has become a global village. By leveraging the power of internet and technology, small businesses can export their business to practically any part of the globe. To begin with, these firms should create websites. Through this platform, they can advertise their products, state their mission, visions and core values to potential customers. Simply put, websites offer small business, the simplest way to meet customers just at the click of a button. With websites, small business owners can develop short but powerful videos about their products and post them for viewing. These videos can also be posted on YouTube, which is the second largest such engine.

Another online strategy is to capitalize on the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Instagram. These social platforms reach practically all audiences in the global. Facebook alone has close to 2Billion users. By creating and posting useful content, making regular updates, and responding to customer queries on these sites, small businesses can certainly turn their fortunes around regarding sales.

Talking of online strategies, a small business can drift to providing online sales of services and products rather than relying wholly on the brick and mortar sales approach. The key to succeeding online is always to remain professional tone, be genuine and staying updated with the business trends in your field. Once potential customers trust your business, they have no worries about making online purchases for your products. The beauty is, pursue both online and brick-and-mortar sales approach at a go.

Offline strategies for businesses in bad location include extending your products to the window for better viewing by the customers, encouraging your employees and loyal customers to promote your businesses, handing business fliers to potential customers and using visibility vehicles decorated with your company’s merchandise. Lastly, these firms can also carry regular promotions of their products and services.

The 7 Critical Types Between Business Partners

The 7 Critical Types Between Business Partners

When you think about businesses like Apple or Google, most people think about the epic journey of Steve Jobs and Sergey Brin. What people don’t think of, is the critical types of conversations between business partners that happen behind the scenes every single day that makes or break a business.

How did Steve Jobs work with Steve Wozniak?

How did Sergey Brin work with Larry Page?

They are interesting questions to ask when most people are only interested in backstories of these larger than life entrepreneurs. Because, whether you and your business partner own a small business or are working towards running a large corporation like Google, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively to move towards your business goals.

There are seven types of conversations between business partners, and you’ll find every single one can happen face-to-face, either in either the workplace or in a more relaxed environment, or over a written channel such as Skype messaging or email.

The 7 Types of Conversations Between Business Partners:

#1 The “Managing Expectations” Conversation

Probably the most important type of conversation between business partners happens early and often. Good business partners will compliment each other strengths and weaknesses which often means different personalities, different ways of thinking and different ways of working. The way you handle a new situation could be completely different to how your business partner would handle it. Therefore, early on the partnership, it’s important to establish who will do what, how they will do it and how often to minimize the chances of any tension or conflict souring the working relationship.

In many cases, you might want to have the outcomes of conversation formally written down to avoid any ambiguity in the future.

#2 The “Collaboration” Conversation

In Western culture, competition dominates collaboration which could sabotage your relationship with your business partner if you don’t learn to channel it. You and your partner are a team competing against competitors, not each other. By collaborating you’ll pool your collective experience and expertise into the problem you are trying to solve which will speed up the solution and result in a far more effective solution than any one individual could create alone.

This can be a difficult type of conversation between business partners because often ideas will be brought to the table that will need to be rejected and it’s important to communicate that you’re only rejecting an idea and not the person.

After a collaborative conversation, you’ll often face the next type of conversation between business partners.

The 7 Critical Types Between Business Partners

The 7 Critical Types Between Business Partners

#3 The “Decision-Making” Conversation

There are two main types of decision you’ll need to make in your business:

Programmed decisions and non-programmed decisions.

Programmed decisions are routine and don’t have a huge affect on your business. When a situation arises where you need to make a programmed decision most business owners already have specific ways to handle how those decisions are made.

The second type of decision is a non-programmed decision, and these types of decisions will affect your entire business direction your business is going.

The goal of this type of conversation between business partners is to pool as much information and expertise together to reduce any uncertainty in the decision-making process and make the best possible decision.

4# The “Motivating” Conversation

Let’s be frank, running a business and being an entrepreneur is hard. There will be days where this type of conversation between business partners is essential because it was Zig Ziglar who said:

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathe that’s why we recommend it daily.

When 96% of business in the U.S. fail within ten years, there will be some dark times where both you and your business partners will struggle to maintain high levels of motivation. Even if your business is thriving, there will still be the stress of managing deadlines, employees and your customers or clients to deal with on an almost daily basis.

#5 The “Social” Conversation

All fun and no play make Jack a dull boy.

It’s just important to disconnect from work and focus on maintaining your personal relationship with your business partner as it is to get your work done. Especially as you probably spend just as much time if not more time with your business partners as you do with your friends and family.

Even though you become friends, first and foremost you and your business partners have a professional relationship and a duty to run your business effectively. You may often disagree on your approaches to business and your working methods and spend time together outside of your business will help to reduce any tension between you before there’s any conflict.

#6 The “Conflict Resolving” Conversation

When you need to resolve a conflict with your business partner, then there will come a time. And, it’ll be a far more difficult conversation to have Good business practice

There will come a time when need to handle conflict either with your business partners, with your employees or between your employees. But remember you should always be tactful if you want to maintain professional relationships. As Isaac Newton said:

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy. – Isaac Newton

#7 The “Reflective” Conversation

Self-reflection is arguably one of the most powerful ways to learn. Research from Harvard business school has demonstrated that “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience”.

In every situation you and your business partner find yourself in there will be no perfect solutions to the problems you are presented with. Your only option will be to use your experience and your expertise to make the best guess at how to handle the situation.

Only after it’s resolved will the real learning take place when you reflect on your actions and the results of those actions to see how you can handle the situation if it arises again in the future.

You’ll find that of these types of conversations between business partners probably come second nature to you as you’ll have experienced them in other working relationships as well as social and romantic relationships.

You’ll also find that you neglect certain conversations or could become much more effective at handling them.

What types of conversations between business partners do you need to have in your business right now?

How to Find the Best Selling Products

How to Find the Best Selling Products

The world we live in is a continually evolving place. You just need to take a gander at the most recent cell telephones and innovative contraptions out there to realize that the business sector smash hits are continually changing and adjusting to suit our regularly expanding needs. This can make it hard to discover the bestselling products on Amazon, especially on the off chance that you are simply beginning on the adventure to profiting through online purchasing and selling. Luckily there are a couple of straightforward strategies that you can use to stay a la mode totally with those products that can acquire incredible benefits, and also those to maintain a strategic distance.

1)Offer what you like.

Selling inside one of your current regions of the hobby will make your life simpler, and will help you to be more gainful when selling on Amazon. You’re existing learning in the business sector territory will help you to answer purchaser questions, make incredible item portrayals and even permit you to detect a deal that you can offer on for a significant benefit. It’s additionally much simpler to propel yourself to proceed with your selling business when you are taking care of products important to yourself.

2)Research Amazon.

Amazon isn’t a dumb association; the designers of this enormous site know very well indeed that if you can make more deals, they can make more benefit! All things considered they are entirely ready to reveal a heap of helpful data on the products that are at present selling effectively.

How to Find the Best Selling Products

Maybe the most valuable instrument gave the site itself is that of the Bestsellers list. You can see the best products inside any class on the location initially, just by tapping the connection to ‘See all smash hits in …’ These links to particular classifications can be found by bouncing to the classification that you are occupied with, looking down the page and searching for the Bestseller section on the right-hand side. You will have the capacity to see not just the main 100 bestselling things in any given classification, additionally the most sweltering new discharges, the most talented things and even the most longed for things on the site.

3)Research eBay.

Amazon isn’t the main site out there where people can go to buy their products; another prominent purchasing and selling nearness is that of eBay. eBay likewise offers a choice of instruments to its merchants to help them to spot commercial center patterns and the considerable news, that you can utilize these further bolstering your good fortune when working out what the blockbusters in your business sector will be.

  • *eBay Pulse – The eBay Pulse site doesn’t show precisely what individuals are purchasing on the eBay site like the Amazon smash hits list; rather it demonstrates you what individuals are looking for. Bounce around in the classifications to locate those significant to your particular specialty market.
  • *eBay Auctions – eBay gives the office to view all auctions, both live and finished. With a touch of examination, you will have the capacity to recognize those products that are selling every time, and those that are attempting to get their foot in the entryway.

Only a tad bit of exploration can help you to keep focused of what’s occurring in your picked commercial center. By taking the time to do your exploration, you will soon have the capacity to detect the bestselling products to offer on Amazon.

Proven Tips On How to Avoid Hiring Bad Employees

Proven Tips On How to Avoid Hiring Bad Employees

Problem employee is one of the greatest grumblings that I here from entrepreneurs. And I am not going to mislead anybody; employees can be one of greater difficulties of being ready to go. How would you enlist great dependable employees?Once you have contracted them, how would you keep your employees motivated?I would request that you consider that perhaps the “problem” isn’t the employee.I’ve been procured by organizations to help in this division and a ton of the time what I find is not that they staff or employees are the problems yet the absence of frameworks, preparing, and responsibility are what has the proprietor or supervisor needing to pull their hair out.You can enlist every one of the “A” players to work in your organization or on your group however if you don’t give them the right tools, direction and bolster one of two things will happen. They will either abandon you for greener fields, or they will transform into a bad apple in a hurry.Here are tips on How to Avoid Hiring Bad Employees

Look on the candidate’s resume or application for intimations as to common ground you can discover with the candidate and use them to comfort the candidate ASAP.

At the point when setting up arrangements – particularly if viable telephone aptitudes impact the occupation’s prosperity – call the candidate yourself. Don’t appoint such a large amount of the hiring process that your hiring impulses fall apart after some time.

Ask yourself: How might you feel if this specific candidate worked for one of your competitors?

If you have enthusiasm for seeking after the candidate, make it a point to meet his or her life partner. This is mainly basic for individuals from your administration group.

It’s to a great degree uncovering to drive by where the candidate lives to see what sort of house he or she lives in and how well the property is kept up.

Have the mettle to contract Mr. then again Ms. Consummate notwithstanding when you don’t have an opening. Never stop searching for good individuals. Deals supervisors, for instance, ought to become more acquainted with every seller salesperson who approaches their firm.

Have the strength to fire a worker who you have abandoned regardless of the fact that you don’t yet have a substitution.

  1. Take in the strides the candidate has taken in the previous five years to wind up more professional, i.e., preparing programs went to, books read, and so on.
  2. Initiate where your competitors don’t – your wellbeing club, nation club, church, administration club, and so forth., are illustrations. Your particular employees, customers, and sellers are different sources to discover exceptional individuals outside your very own system.
  3. In meetings, listen much more than you talk by asking high testing open-finished inquiries questions. Set up your rundown of surveys questions ahead of time of the meeting so you’re not considering what you’re going to ask next while a candidate is as yet noting your last question.
  4. Move beyond clumsy times of quiet by saying something like, “I realize that is a tough question, please don’t hesitate to take as much time as necessary in replying.”
  5. Figure out HOW the candidate performs undertakings as opposed to entirely WHAT the candidate has finished.
  6. Volunteer to the candidate each negative you can think about that relates to the occupation you’re meeting to fill. Get the negatives on the table so you can manage them NOW as opposed to AFTER the candidate is employed.
  7. Bobby Knight, the active ball mentor, says he chooses which players to select by watching them play b-ball. Make a few positions for summer understudies so you can watch how well they function.
  8. The larger amount the position you’re meeting to fill, the more imperative this inquiry question is: What specific business objectives have you set for the coming year? If the candidate isn’t an objective setter, the candidate will be working with a serious handicap.
  9. Don’t fall for the professional questioner trap. Some individuals talk with well, yet are not strong entertainers and candidates who meet frightfully, but rather are brilliant entertainers.
  10. Concentrate your inquiries questions on what the candidate has done. Put less accentuation on speculation about how the candidate arrangements to perform later on.
  11. Don’t be hesitant to rehire previous employees – there ought to be far less mystery as to precisely what ability and science you are hiring.
  12. Don’t assess resumes – converse with genuine live individuals. This is the only approach to locating the best individuals for your organization. Nine of ten resumes are exaggerated the candidate’s qualifications, in any case.
  13. Don’t be blameworthy of pie in the sky thinking and don’t enlist the best of the group. If the first or second pack of candidates don’t deliver the RIGHT candidate, get yourself another cluster.